Jenna Klein Jonsson

Jenna Klein Jonsson


Jenna is a brand strategist with extensive experience in marketing, creative development and integrated campaigns. A true brand advocate, she loves bringing brand stories to life in fresh and innovative ways.

She has a particular affinity for American brands and domestic manufacturing. From the locavore movement to the resurgence in Bean Boots, consumers care where their products come from. Product and brand stories have never mattered more than they do today. Authenticity matters. And differentiation is critical.

Jenna’s a 17-year veteran of the outdoor industry and has worked with a variety of outdoor/lifestyle brands. And as an avid outdoorsperson, road biker and skier, she understands the outdoor customer.

Jenna’s an experienced leader, brand strategist, creative director, multi-channel campaign developer and writer. She’s successfully led high-profile, complex projects and has won numerous industry awards for catalogs, digital experiences and integrated campaigns. She thinks holistically about marketing, using numbers, research and data to drive innovative, customer-focused solutions across all channels—digital, retail, direct, email and social media.