Robin Dienel

Digital Strategist

Robin is a digital strategist with a demonstrated history of working across multiple industries. She enjoys helping others traverse the complex landscape of digital marketing through both in-depth conversations and overarching strategy sessions. Viewing herself as a partner in everything she does, Robin is there to help those around her better understand how today’s evolving network of digital capabilities can help them and their business succeed in ways they may not have realized were even possible.

Before she came to Blaze, Robin worked as a digital marketing specialist for an automotive marketing agency in the Portland area where she spent her time crafting comprehensive digital programs for 40+ automotive clients spread throughout the country. In her former life (i.e. before she made the smart move north to Maine in 2017), Robin lived in Washington, D.C. working as a webmaster and outreach coordinator for a major science institution. While there, she helped expand their digital footprint by spearheading the development of an institution-wide social media strategy spanning both individual campaigns and overall branding initiatives. During this time, she obtained her masters degree in interactive journalism from American University where she focused her research on different approaches local companies, communities, and organizations take to develop emotionally resonant storytelling initiatives through digital platforms to achieve their goals.

On weekends, Robin can be found in her kitchen cooking for friends, running slowly around the Back Cove, or out on the trail with her husband and three (!!!) fluffy dogs Joey, Cali, and Zeke.