As an agency fueled by curiosity and clients within the outdoor and fitness space, Blaze Partners was curious to understand how COVID-19 has impacted fitness behaviors and habits.

Specifically, we were curious about the active population who were previous gym and fitness studio members – what were they doing now that the majority of gyms were closed? We wanted to learn more, and understand the implications on the future of fitness.

To answer these questions we conducted a survey targeting those who had been gym or fitness studio members in the last 12 months. We asked a variety of questions to understand which fitness activities they were doing more/less of now vs. before the pandemic, and if they planned to sustain any of these new activities they may have picked up. In addition to changes in activities, were those who were running outside more now vs. before the pandemic buying new gear? Planning to? Where would they go to purchase that gear?

Without spilling all of the beans, here are a few of our findings – some you might find surprising!

Activity changes aren’t temporary.

Almost all gym/fitness members have altered their activities as a result of the pandemic and nearly 90% of them plan to keep their “new” mix of activities.

There’s a whole new type of runner out there.

A large number of respondents are running more than before the pandemic and are enjoying it! They want to connect with brands, and they want to do it differently.

Millennials are walking.

Walking is the TOP activity that millennials say they are doing more of since the pandemic began. Opportunity abounds for brands to build meaningful relationships with this age group.

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