World of Change Logo

“What I love about working with Blaze is the chemistry and ease of the relationship. They have no ego, instead bringing a sincere desire to be helpful. This is rare, and something I could tell right from the outset with them.”

Matt Hoidal – Founder & Chief Change Maker

Founder Matt Hoidal first approached Blaze with a simple yet powerful concept for a startup non-profit: use spare change to fund worthy causes. With an estimated $10B in loose coins currently sitting idle in households, we knew his premise had the potential to add up to something big. The challenge now was to take this simple idea and translate it into a fully fleshed out brand from scratch.

We began by sorting through World of Change’s many messages, identifying that, at its core, the organization is about breaking down barriers and making philanthropy accessible to children and adults alike. Building off of this philosophy, we created a logo and visual identity that reinforced the organization’s inviting, fun and inclusive tone. From there, we worked to make Matt’s vision tangible, designing kits for collecting the coins and developing a line of merchandise.

With its brand identity in place, Blaze continues to offer World of Change strategic guidance, helping to identify partnership opportunities and realize larger goals. Together, we hope to show that change is, quite literally, all around us.


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  • experiential

  • brand identity

  • packaging