Shaw & Tenney Logo

Shaw & Tenney is a 150+ year-old, Maine-based manufacturer of fine wooden canoe paddles and oars. When the company first engaged Blaze, they were navigating a challenging market with discounters, like WalMart, at one end and high-end carbon fiber paddle and oar manufacturers at the other. Blaze undertook a deep dive into the Shaw & Tenney business model, and the broader paddle sports industry, revealing an opportunity to pursue a new market, one that valued form over function.

Blaze proposed that Shaw & Tenney focus on a new market: owners of lakeside camps and cabins who would value a handcrafted paddle for its aesthetic appeal. To support this move, Blaze re-branded the company, incorporating an updated version of the logo from the 1920s and applying it to everything from the paddles and oars to the re-designed website, outbound packaging and even a line of lifestyle products.

Since the re-branding, the company has seen their sales figures significantly improve. Website traffic conversion rates, in particular, increased significantly, while sales of the new lifestyle products have generated an additional revenue stream for the company.


  • print collateral
  • packaging
  • print advertising
  • outbound email
  • digital advertising / social media
  • website design / development
  • brand identity
  • product design
  • business strategy