“Did Blaze give me what I asked for? No… they gave me more.”

Don Oakes – CEO

When Don Oakes became CEO of Maine-based Sea Bags, he was familiar with the brand’s remarkable value proposition of taking boat sails no longer in use, seasoned by the sea, and transform them into durable, up-cycled handbags. Don engaged Blaze to solve two immediate challenges: first, elevate the visual representation of the company via a new logo and aesthetic; and second, create a more compelling, cohesive message that would convey what distinguishes Sea Bags from imported, inexpensive lookalikes.

At Blaze, we mined the details that grant Sea Bags its unique appeal. We focused on their dedication to local, sustainable sourcing and assembly, and helped Sea Bags calculate the long-term environmental impact of their business. Blaze then created an updated logo reflecting the company’s nautical, preppy-yet-rugged aesthetic. We coined a new tagline as romantic as it is accurate: “Once a sail, forever a Sea Bag.” And we chronicled the Sea Bags’ history, voice and community in a comprehensive brand book that’s become a touchstone of the company’s identity.


  • brand identity
  • print collateral
  • packaging
  • experiential
  • business strategy