Sam Adams Logo

Named for a founding father and one of the nation’s original brew masters, Samuel Adams has long been at the cornerstone of today’s American craft beer culture. But the company’s success is built on more than just the ubiquity of its hoppy beverages. Sam Adams is a lifestyle brand that speaks to American entrepreneurship, traditional New England values and a touch of Boston attitude. As such, Blaze was first contacted by Sam Adams to help design a product line of T-shirts to bolster gift shop sales.

And while we could have just slapped different beer labels on various mockups and called it a day, that’s not the Blaze way. Instead, we started by gathering industry insights and research on graphic and surface design trends. We followed that up with a competitor analysis, which revealed the gift shop was significantly underperforming in the apparel category by selling a below-average percentage of T-shirts to its above-average volume of visitors. Our approach allowed us to both develop strong merchandising concepts and help identify specific opportunities within their existing line.

During this in-depth discovery process, we pinpointed a number of T-shirt designs that would appeal to the brand’s core consumers, with one of our designs becoming an instant bestseller — and remaining so to this day.


  • merchandising
  • product design
  • product naming