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“Blaze offered a fresh, unbiased perspective and felt like an in-house team, not temporary assistance. I wish I could keep them forever. Blaze should be a cape-wearing superhero with a belt that carries magic pens, flying around and making business fun for companies that need a leg up.”

Alex Fisher – Planet Dog Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Once the pack leader of the premium dog toy industry, Planet Dog came to Blaze for its 20th anniversary in search of a brand refocus. Through interviews with staff, customers and leadership, we learned that the initial inspiration behind the company was based on the idea of making the world a better place. We saw an opportunity for Planet Dog to reconnect to its roots by once again celebrating the human-canine connection and the important role their toys play in that relationship.

First, we addressed the company’s somewhat sterile visual identity, which predominantly featured products and dogs displayed against white backgrounds. Blaze brought in a National Geographic photographer for an outdoor editorial shoot that captured employees interacting with their four-legged best friends. When it came time to do a catalog redesign, we made products more prominent while also emphasizing the emotional connection inherent in play and bringing key points of differentiation, including their commitment to US manufacturing and sustainability, front and center.

Our branding efforts got tails and tongues wagging, resulting in Planet Dog’s best first quarter in the company’s 20-year history. But maybe even more telling is the less tangible and unexpected outcome of improved company morale. Employees were able to rally around the rearticulated mission and values, finding purpose once again in unleashing the power of play.


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  • brand identity

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