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Given our alignment in company values and a shared love of Maine’s great outdoors, Blaze is excited to be working with The Nature Conservancy to raise awareness about the vital role free-flowing rivers play in connecting various ecosystems throughout the state. Tasked with getting major donors and the public at large on board with our message, we knew we needed to think differently about what a conservation-driven platform could look like. Video was selected as the ideal medium through which we could tell a story that simultaneously conveys important facts and elicits an emotional response to our message. And since we’ve all seen the videos with a scientist in a lab coat standing beside a pristine river, we went in an entirely different direction with this one.

Working with Maine-grown band Ghost of Paul Revere and local illustrator/animator Fort House Studios, Blaze led the charge on creating a :90 second video that is a foot-stomping ode to the power of Mother Nature and the important role that people – and The Nature Conservancy, in particular – play in her ability to resurge.


  • Creative development
  • Video production
  • PR and launch strategy
  • Business strategy