Maine Outdoor Brands Logo

Oftentimes, from the intersection of work experience and personal passion comes a big idea. And for us, that was Maine Outdoor Brands (MOB). In 2017, we put our decades of experience in the outdoor industry to a greater good in creating MOB — an alliance of brands, non-profits and business leaders united in raising awareness of Maine’s $8.2B outdoor recreation economy and strengthening Maine’s outdoor product companies.

Since its inception, Blaze has helped fuel MOB’s exponential growth. The organization now includes nearly 60 members and supporters. Yes, Blaze designed MOB’s identity and collateral (logo, website, newsletter and an award-winning trade show booth for the Winter Outdoor Retailer show), but we also led the foundational strategic planning of the organization’s startup phase.

We recruited an all-star advisory board and an equally high-powered board of directors, on-boarded an Executive director, filed 501c6 status and helped introduce the organization to local and state government to help showcase the importance of of Maine’s Outdoor Recreation Economy to the state as a whole. Working in conjunction with Maine’s Department of Economic and Community Development and the Maine International Trade Council, we’ve made shows like Outdoor Retailer, in Denver, and the OutDoor Show, in Germany, affordable and accessible to smaller brands and start-ups. While MOB has come into its own in a very short time, Blaze continues to play an active advocacy role in seeking new opportunities and new avenues for success.


  • outbound email
  • website design / development 

  • trade show booth design

  • business strategy

  • identity development