GrandyOats Granola Logo

Our partnership with GrandyOats began fairly organically, over a bowl of their newest flavor innovation, Coffee Crunch Coconola. Having spent more than two decades growing GrandyOats a successful planet-conscious, organic snack business, the team knew it was time to refocus their marketing efforts by gaining a deeper understanding of their current and prospective customers and how the brand fits within their lives.

Blaze kicked things off by digging into four key business drivers for GrandyOats: current customers, industry trends, the competitive landscape and the brand itself. Through primary and secondary research, interviews with internal stakeholders and external experts, and analysis of raw industry data, we were able to build the foundation for the brand’s new positioning and introduce prospective customers through psychographic personas. Working with a global consumer behavior data platform, we ultimately refined three personas and built out their profiles to actively inform messaging, marketing platforms, and retail and innovation strategies. We also positioned the brand as a curator of goodness, opening the door for new opportunities to brighten peoples’ days through more than just delicious granola.

On the eve of its 40th anniversary, GrandyOats is now poised to continue growing its product portfolio and reach which means that the positive impact they have on people and the planet will only increase. We look forward to a continued partnership with GrandyOats and raise a spoon to their awesomeness every morning.


  • Business strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Persona development