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The Blaze-Crius partnership goes further than the typical agency-client model. As an energy holding company that owns retail energy brands all over the United States, Crius required someone to collaborate on their behalf with partner companies, overseeing energy branding and communication efforts across multiple channels. Our flexible structure proved the perfect solution to Crius’s needs, allowing Blaze to remotely operate as Crius’s marketing director by externally managing internal resources while maintaining a holistic view of the company’s overarching brand directives.

From large-scale digital marketing campaigns in collaboration with Crius partners like Comcast, to more traditional forms of advertising using print, radio and television, the Crius relationship is truly a soup-to-nuts scope of work. Take Blaze’s efforts with FairPoint Communications, for example. To drive inquiries about their partnership with Crius, we devised an A/B test to introduced energy messaging into core marketing materials. The direct mail that contained our carefully crafted language produced a 50% increase in call volume and a spike in energy sales, demonstrating the power that comes from using larger strategic goals and data to inform tactics.

Today, Blaze continues to provide ongoing guidance, counseling and leadership to Crius and their partners, energizing these brands with bright ideas.


  • website design / development

  • digital advertising

  • social media

  • business strategy

  • print collateral

  • outbound email

  • brand identity