Acorn Logo

Acorn, a Maine-grown company famous for its plush-yet-purposeful slipper socks, approached Blaze for a refresh of its brand identity and a redesign of its vendor catalog. Where others may have only seen sensible soles, we saw an opportunity to get a little soulful.

The brand’s former focus emphasized technical details over an outdoor lifestyle. At Blaze, we wanted to shift the conversation from the practical to the emotional, portraying the euphoria following a day on the trail and the comfort of time spent with the people you love.

To evoke these sentiments, we replaced the brand’s stock photography with authentic shots of that après-sport Maine experience. This enabled us to highlight the two central components of Acorn’s appeal: the product itself, and the rugged outdoor lifestyle and heritage the brand proudly represents.

Ultimately, Blaze proved to be the perfect fit for the project, renovating and affirming Acorn’s brand identity. Numbers are on the rise, the brand has been picked up by several large national accounts, but what may have been even more telling was the reaction we received from our toughest critics: sales reps. When a catalog comprised mostly of slippers elicits expletives of delight, we know we’ve done well.


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